Adeel Razi
Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging
University College London, UK

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I am currently working as Research Associate at Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaing (`The FIL’) at UCL. I collaborate with Karl Friston, Geraint Rees and Sarah Tabrizi.  If you’re interested in more details, check my Linkedin profile here and Researchgate profile here.


You can see what I am reading (or have read) here.

Email: a(dot)razi(at)ucl(dot)ac(dot)uk


-- My slides from the SPM short course of May 2017 on DCM for resting state fMRI.

-- I will give an invited talk at the BrainModes 2016, 1-2 Dec, Brussels, Belgium.

-- I will give a seminar as part of Brain Meeting at C3NL of Imperial College London on 15th Nov 2016.

-- I will be talking at the Educational Workshop of 5th Resting State Conference in Vienna. I will also give an oral presentation on “Parametric Empirical Bayes for Spectral DCM” during the main conference.

-- Our paper recently appeared in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine within a special issue on `Brain Signal Analytics’. Table of Contents, link to the issue and the paper itself.

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