Computational & Systems Neuroscience Laboratory

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Adeel Razi, PhD
Associate Professor & NHMRC Investigator (Emerging Leadership)
CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar, Brain, Mind & Consciousness program
Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health
Monash University

Contact details: Monash Biomedical Imaging, Room 116, 770 Blackburn Road
Clayton 3800, Australia
E-mail: adeel.razi [@] monash [DOT] edu

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Lab's Research

Our lab’s research vision is to perform cross-disciplinary research combining engineering, physics, and machine-learning approaches to answer questions that are motivated by and grounded in neurobiology. This will enable us to go beyond the traditional boundaries in order to understand how the brain implements cognition.

Our research program’s priority areas include:

  • development of multi-modal (e.g., functional MRI, diffusion MRI, EEG) and multi-scale Bayesian methods – i.e., dynamic causal modelling (DCM) – to characterise brain network dynamics and how these dynamics reorganise with different brain pathologies;

  • development of neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence (i.e. active inference) schemes to understand how brain performs reasoning, learning and planning;

  • use of classical psychedelics (e.g. LSD and Psilocybin) in combination with computational modelling to understand neural mechanisms underlying altered states of consciousness.